Latex Zara – Latex Lust Filled Lunacy

Well you’ll have blown me down with a feather when I discovered that Zara had a dark secret! Hentai Comics.  Yes, my brethren, she was a lover of wearing SHINY LATEX and being fucked in the aforementioned “Vestments of Beelzebub”! I was shocked to my very core to see the fragrant Zara transform into a lust filled, latex wearing agent of Satan with only one thing in mind! MY COCK! Also I was astounded to see Zara was sporting a pair of GIANT JUICY JUGGS! Conveniently, the shameful pervert who had designed Zara’s latex outfit had left a convenient gap within the material so that any would be suitor could simply plunge his dick into her and screw her rampantly without the need for the removal of any item of her clothing! Well done that man or woman, or should it’s “Well done Satan, for your exquisite taste in clothing”!

Actors: Zara