Luna Star & Savannah Bond – Ashes To Asses, Dust To Dick

Mick Blue and his wife, Savannah Bond, have decided to try to to the responsible thing and lookout of their final arrangements, but it seems that coffin shopping are often a serious activate , a minimum of for Mick. While examining a very appealing coffin, Mick gets frisky and starts to feel up and finger Savannah, who scolds him. After Savannah and therefore the funeral parlor director advance to seem at other items, Mick decides to check out the coffin himself, which proves to be so comfortable that he falls asleep and fails to understand that the lid has closed on him. When the sexy but grieving Luna Star, a hot widow, enters and opens the coffin, she’s faced with something she thought she’d need to go an extended time without. After settling certain some intense anal action, Savannah catches them but is quickly convinced to seize the day, and Mick’s massive cock in her juicy ass, for a double anal threesome.