RealityKings Samantha Ryan, Lily Love – Inside exclusive
Samantha the realtor was showing her assistant Lilly the ropes while sealing the deal on another big mansion. But the customer , Erik, was hesitant to sign because he had concerns about the commission fees Samantha was charging. He was adamant about talking down her price, and that is when Samantha came up with the thought to offer him the ultra-client treatment. She asked him to attend for them within the front room and explained her decide to Lilly within the next room. it had been simple, she told Lilly the plan was to seduce and pleasure Erik until he was compelled to sign the paperwork. Lilly hesitated for a flash but became resolute once Samantha told her that’s how all tough deals are to be handled within the face of adversity. Erik had no idea what that they had future for him. They eventually drained his penis dry after sucking and fucking him harder and faster after each fleeting moment, but it wasn’t until he signed off on the sale with Samantha’s full commission that he was finally ready to climax and pop his load everywhere Lilly and her gorgeous ass.