Spencer Bradley & Blondie Bombshell – Fantastic Plastic & Mrs One Upper

Even though Alex Mack has found the right wife within the hot brunette Spencer Bradley, their sex life is not the most enjoyable lately . This has led Alex to being but faithful, together with his mistress, the voluptuous Blondie Bombshell. Alex and Blondie are becoming hot and heavy one morning, when the unsuspecting Spencer comes back home unexpectedly! The poor husband tries to cover Blondie, but they do not have enough time, so he throws a wig on the naked woman and pretend she may be a hyper realistic automated sex doll. Spencer is weirded out initially , but takes it as a chance to point out off her sex skills. “What can she do this I can’t!?” asks the horned-up Spencer as she gives a footjob to the lucky Alex. What a surprise when it’s revealed that Blondie may be a real person , all flesh and libido. Naturally, a unforgettable threesome ensues.